We saw all of Issaquah today.

I tried my best to make up for yesterday, because while we made oatmeal singles and read books and played, we also stayed inside all day and watched too much Sprout.

I’m conflicted regarding my feelings about Sprout vs. PBS. PBS is more educational, and I really love Curious George and Peg + Cat. But Sprout has The Pajanimals (ADORABLE) and the Goodnight Show and Chica, who Simon adores. I mean, he really adores her. He has a stuffed Chica that he goes to bed with every single night. Of course, he also goes to bed with his stuffed Curious George every night. Do you see my dilemma? Anyway.

Too much TV yesterday, so almost no TV today. Maddie’s ballet class was cancelled this morning, so I retrieved the wagon from our outdoor storage, and I took the kids for a walk. A loooong walk. The longest walk. The funny thing about the wagon is it’s MURDER on your arms when you’re pulling it all over the city. But the kids love it more than the double stroller, so it was worth it. 

We walked to Target and bought picnic foods.

Then we found a cool little park we’d never been to before. We had the whole place to ourselves, except for the occasional passing dog and owner.

It was fun. Then we walked to the library because we were a little early meeting friends for frozen yogurt, and Simon laughed his pants off over a couple of Biscuit books. Simon freaking LOVES Biscuit books. It’s written all over his face here. “Biscuit?! RAISE THE ROOF.”

Then we randomly ran into the people from artEAST who are making a documentary that Maddie is in, and they asked me to come back in next week to do some voice over work. Pretty neat! Maybe I’ll even manage to redeem myself after the prior interview I gave in which I said: “Well, I think children have a more pure appreciation for art. They don’t have their MFAs. No one’s told them what to like. They just like what they like.” Ugh. I really didn’t mean to sound down on MFAs. I love my MFA. I’m just TERRIBLE at answering questions on the spot. I hope the police never call me in for questioning. I’d implicate everyone I know by accident. 

Then we met up with Becky and her girls, had frozen yogurt, and went to the playground.

Sounds like a pretty perfect day, right?

The thing is, it wasn’t.

And before I tell you what I’m upset about, I will also tell you that I’m PMSing in such an extreme, feverish way.

I spiral cut six zucchinis tonight and made Italian baked eggs to go over them.

And Maddie wouldn’t touch it. Just like she didn’t touch her dinner last night. She wouldn’t even stay at the table this time. I was anxious over the potential rudeness of this, and what if she NEVER sits at the table for dinner? What if we are guests at someone’s home and she refuses to sit at the table? So I totally freaked, put her in time out, dealt with a straight eight minutes of her yelling at me… And I accomplished nothing.

What would Jim Fay do, here?

(Obsessed with the Love and Logic parenting stuff. I’m just awful at sticking to it lately. Especially because Maddie is what they call a very spirited child, and she’s already seemingly outsmarted the system.)

We don’t have wine at the moment, but I am going to make a really massive cup of tea. Goodnight.