I so prefer writing about Winicker, but I’ve already written four books about her, so I’ll write just a little about me.

I live in a blue house outside of Seattle, Washington, but like Winicker, I’m originally from Massachusetts.

I live in the blue house with my husband Zach (father, software developer, handyman, and editor extraordinaire), my daughter Maddie (kindergartner, unicorn appreciator, and mermaid hopeful), my son Simon (preschooler, lover of letters and numbers, and bookworm), my daughter Cecily (toddler, mischief-maker, Minnie Mouse connoisseur), my very large cat Beezus, and my less large cat Ramona.

I began writing Winicker Hates Paris when I moved to St. Paul, Minnesota for grad school. I took breaks to work on other projects, but Winicker was my favorite, and I kept returning to her. I’m so glad I did!

I have 34,000 children (okay, just three), so I have to really scavenge for writing time, but it all works out. And that’s because I drink a lot of coffee. I owe at least three of the four Winicker books to coffee.

Thanks, coffee. And thank YOU, reader.