It’s Fall! (Almost.)

And you know what that means. So much pumpkin food! And so many fall crafts! We had a fall wreath crafting session at the Sosbys about a month ago, and now my wreath is hanging on our front door.

(Michael’s is where it’s at for wreath supplies.)

I found a leaf template at, printed out several sheets on card stock, and had the kids color, paint, and draw on them.

Then I spent fourteen million years cutting out all of the leaves. I hole punched them and strung them along some orange and white baker’s twine we found at the dollar spot at Target. (I live for the dollar spot at Target.) 

Boom. Fall garland. (You’ll notice I’ve been too lazy to erase Maddie’s first day of preschool sign from the chalkboard on the mantel. She started school last Tuesday, and I’m dropping her off and leaving for the first time ever this Tuesday, and I’m very weepy about it. I’m sure I’ll do a blog post about that at some point.) 

Speaking of the dollar spot – we found these cute window gels there, too. Notice the cat in my backyard. She’s not our cat, but I give her treats sometimes, and I call her Snuggle Bunchkin. She makes Beezus needlessly anxious. (She does have a house. It’s right behind our house. But she’s an adventurer, and you can’t keep Snuggle Bunchkin from adventuring.) 

We bought multiple packs of those window gels, and while my adorable children snoozed on the couch Thursday after our Target trip, I decorated their bedroom window.

When Maddie woke up, I told her to check out her bedroom window. I went upstairs five minutes later, and she had ripped apart nearly every window gel and thrown them on the floor. 

What the f***? 

(Look, I really watch my language on the reg. I live with two kids under four. However, it’s my blog, and I can asterisk swear if I want to.) Why would you do something like that? She claimed she was feeding the ducks. Preschoolers. That’s why. Preschoolers are chock full o’ nuts. 

We’ve been doing a lot of drawing and painting with autumn colors this week.

I’m really getting excited about the improvement in Maddie’s drawing skills! She drew a family portrait (above – it’s the one with the four circles that kind of have faces and limbs). Simon likes experimenting with color and smearing techniques. 

And that’s what we’ve been up to. C’mon, fall! 

Renee Beauregard Lute

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