Summer in New England

Prepare yourselves for the dumpiest of photo dumps. And also for the cuteness of my kids and niece and nephew. 

We spent a week in New England with my family, and it was awesome. I like my family a lot. 

You know what else I like a lot? Dunkin’ Donuts. Aw yes. 

I’ve missed you, you sweet, caffeinated son of a gun.

We drove down to Massachusetts from New Hampshire several days, and did lots of playing at my brother’s house. He has a new kitten. She’s delicious.

My kids loved staying at Memere and Ooompa’s house. (Not a typo. Ooompa is his chosen grandfatherly name.) Ooompa has an impressive collection of vehicles, and Simon was half out of his mind with joy. 

Ooompa’s friend brought his massive antique truck over, and most of the kids had a blast in it. This truck was, unfortunately, too much for little Simon. He was intimidated. Not Maddie, though.

Ooompa also gave the kids a truck tour at his fire station. 


Mike and I caught up. We discovered that we both have an inexplicable obsession with Mark Duplass. 

Nancy and I talked about our kids, and also about cats. We talked about cats a lot, actually. And you know why? The cat lady inside a true cat fancier does not disappear when she marries and has children. If anything, my cat love is stronger now. Despite my hilarity and generally social nature, I’m still an introvert, and my cats are a total purring haven for me when my kids are stuck to me like cling wrap to, well, cling wrap. 

We all got some quality Mom/Memere time.

We visited my Memere (the kids’ Grand-Memere), and it was lovely.

And that’s the trip! It was great. Apologies for the billions of photos that I simply cannot bother to caption.


Renee Beauregard Lute

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