Little blue house on the prairie.

Becky is a kindred spirit. I can tell, because when I texted:

“Let’s have a Little House on the Prairie afternoon!”

she replied:

“O!M!G! You’re the coolest person I know! Let’s do it!”

You guys, I am not cool at all. But her enthusiasm made my week.

And that’s what we did today.

Becky and her kids came over, and we had a cracking good time. (That’s an expression, right? In the old days?)

I made hardtack from the Little House on the Prairie cookbook, and strangely, the kids were into it. (It really is hard. “Tooth duller” is one of its many nicknames.) We had lemonade and dried fruit, because it seemed authentic, but before Zach left for work this morning, he questioned my serving craisins. “Where would the Ingalls family have gotten cranberries?”


Anyway. We had oatmeal bread with butter that we made ourselves. It is crazy easy to make your own butter. Pour some heavy cream into a jar, and then shake the heck out of it. The girls got tired of shaking the jar pretty quickly, so Becky and I took over.

We read some of the illustrated Little House books. (I honestly highly recommend these. Maddie has loved them for ages.)

We colored some cool Little House coloring pages.

Simon colored the floor.

Shoutout to the Magic Eraser.

Finally, we made rag dolls for all four kids. They were a hit! 



Such a fun day! We were totally channeling Michael Landon and his TV fam. And now the kids are exhausted, which is my favorite way to end a day. 

Renee Beauregard Lute

  • rachel loden

    Awww! Beck is right, you are super cool. I love this. Country girls… with a pnw twist

  • Abby

    Oh, goodness, Renee, this sounds like the BEST afternoon. I would totally join you for homemade Little House food and crafts if I lived closer!

  • Ophelia L.

    Wow! Sounds like a wonderful time! I’d like to introduce my kiddos to Little House on the Prairie; I will check out those books! 🙂

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