Maddie’s Mermaid Party

Remember how Maddie loves mermaids? Well, she requested a Little Mermaid birthday party this year, and the Pinterest lover in me did a little leap for joy. 

We had her party at the house, so it was a small party, but a completely lovely day.*

It was the result of a straight month of pinning fabulous ideas, and a day (and a night) of work.

Beezus was exactly the opposite of helpful while I decorated last night. (That was the chair I used to hang streamers.)



I brought the kids’ coloring table upstairs and used it as a mermaid coloring station. (Simon sampled at least two flavors of crayon.)


I poured sand, sea glass, and shells into mason jars to use as the centerpiece, and stuck a tiny framed picture of baby Maddie on the beach inside one of them.


The barnacles are baking cups.

(Princess wands.)


I’m proud of the cupcakes. I used the recipe I always use when I’m making cupcakes for the kids, but I added raspberry preserves to the buttercream frosting, and made those white chocolate seashells with Wilton candy melts and a Wilton mold. There are candy pearls on there, too, and the sand is crushed graham cracker.


The little tent cards are a free, cute printable from I Heart Naptime.


(Ocean punch = 1 part lemonade, 1 part blue Hawaiian punch.)


My mother-in-law is visiting! She’s super crafty, and she’s the artist behind these adorable fabric bags.




And it was a blast. We had so much fun, and I really think Maddie did, too.

*But here’s the thing. I’m currently in my bedroom, hiding from my children, because I’m tired, and Simon has been the whiniest human being on earth for the last week. (He’s getting a bunch of molars. Still.) And Maddie has needed about forty-five body parts wiped in the last two hours (because I thought ice cream would go well with the cupcakes). And I needed a moment. 

So I’m taking a break to blog and to not wipe anyone’s anything for a few minutes. 

But despite the tiredness and Simon’s whininess and Maddie’s neediness, it was a really excellent day. 

Now I’m going to swipe a handful of Swedish Fish and try to make it to bedtime.

Renee Beauregard Lute

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