The backyard.

My favorite part of our house is the backyard. It’s like having a park that is fully enclosed. And it’s got a privacy fence all around, so we can crash around in our pajamas if we want. (We haven’t yet, but give me a particularly lazy summer Monday, and you can bet that’s what we’ll be doing.) 

We lived in the Issaquah apartment for two years, so I feel particularly grateful to have the yard now. And the garden! Some of the garden was planted by the former owners, so I have no idea what a lot of the plants are, but every time a new one blooms, I’m excited. I cleared out and planted some of the garden myself, and while many of the flowering perennials are already blooming beautifully, I’m eagerly (and impatiently) waiting for tomatoes and green beans. (My pumpkins aren’t going to happen. I’ve had to accept it and take full responsibility for it, because I’ve been feeding our squirrels, and now they’ve gotten greedy, and I’ve found my empty pumpkin seed casings all over the yard.) 


There have been some wonderful surprises, like a very large patch of strawberries.

We may have two large blueberry bushes, too! It certainly looks that way.

The kids are both loving all of the unstructured time playing outside. 

And so am I. Because boy, do they tire themselves out these days.


And as we all know, tired kids are easier-to-manage kids. Especially around bedtime.



Renee Beauregard Lute

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