Another sick day.

And on the day the preschoolers were supposed to visit with Issaquah’s firefighters! Very happily, the firefighters had a call, so firefighter day will be next Monday instead, and we didn’t miss it after all. (Er, happily for Maddie, I mean. Not happily for whomever needed the firefighters this morning!) 

So, instead, we kicked it at home.


I was hoping to spend some time outside, but it was kind of drizzly today, and will be for the next few days. (My garden will be thrilled! My kids are not.)

I bought a couple of $1 birdhouses from Michael’s last week, and we’ve been waiting for a good day to paint them. So, while Simon and Ramona were doing this:


Maddie did this:




We have a ridiculous number of ziploc bags full of buttons, ribbons, and other odds and ends in our craft box (the sensory bags were gifted to us from a retired children’s librarian who used to be in my critique group), so we turned the creativity up to eleven. (That last part should obviously be read with a British accent.) 


And here’s her finished birdhouse!

There’s also a very nude fairy button on the back of the birdhouse. (Unpictured, for decency’s sake.) Leave it to Maddie to discover the nude fairy button.

Renee Beauregard Lute

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