I’m beat.

I wonder whether there are mothers out there who aren’t regularly totally exhausted? If there are, what’s their secret?

We had a great weekend with our friend Laura, who was visiting from Rhode Island. Laura was here apartment hunting, because (yaaaaay!) she’s moving to Seattle! 

On Saturday, she and I had a grown-ups only day in the city, and it was a blast. It’s amazing what a day away will do for your sanity. 

On Sunday, we took the kids to Kelsey Creek Farm while Zach worked on around-the-house stuff.



Laura left this morning, and I’ve been home since with two kids who have a lot of energy.

I tried to convince them to nap with me. They were super excited! We piled onto my bed, I tucked us all in, and it went down like this.

Me: Family snooze! Let’s do it!

Maddie: Family snooze! Yay!

Simon: Yaaaaaay!

Me: Okay! Let’s go to sleep!

Maddie: Family snooze! Wahoo! Yeah! Let’s snooze, everybody! Yay!

Simon: Yaaaaaaaaay!

Me: Goodnight!

Maddie: (Jumping on the bed) Goodnight! Family snooze! Yeah yeah! Woo!

Simon: (Standing on my face) Yaaaaaay! Yaaaaaay!

Maddie: (Jumping onto the floor) Family snooze! Do it! Woo hoo!

Simon: (Clambering behind Maddie) Yay! Yaaaaaay!

So, no one’s snoozing. Except this lucky thing.

Tonight is my critique group, and I considered calling in tired, but it’s actually more restful to drive out and talk children’s lit with these awesome women than it is to stay here and wrangle my two children to sleep. Plus, we’re meeting in a Starbucks, and there’s coffee there. 


Renee Beauregard Lute

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