The Minnesota weekend!

We brought a goopy, scratchy cold home from the Twin Cities, so I’m going to spend this lazy, on-the-couch morning back at home blogging about our trip.

It was wonderful! It was brief, but I always feel that way about visiting places I love. And I do love Minnesota. It’s where Zach and I met, where I went to a graduate school I loved, where I did some of my best writing. It’s where we got married, and where I met two of my best friends in this world. (Shoutout to Jilly and Diane!) Now, it’s where my godson lives, and he (and his mom and dad) are the reason we spent a long weekend visiting.

The kids were great on the three hour flight there.

We bribed them with new Thomas and Friends and Paw Patrol books, a few episodes of Paw Patrol on their LeapPad, a dog named Pickles who is really too big for Maddie to bring along, but who made the trip anyway, and many, many packets of Annie’s gummy bunny snacks. It was Simon’s first time flying, and he slept for about half of it.

Then we got to Jill and Luke’s, and I pretty much died from the joy/sweetness of meeting Grayson for the first time.


Jill put together a completely brilliant area known as Baby Jail, and it’s inspired me. I want to make a baby jail. Simon and Grayson were crazy adorable (and fully contained) playing in it.

There was lots of hang out-with-the-kids time, but Jill and I also got a chance to go shopping by ourselves, and that was pretty much heaven. We wandered Target with our Starbucks, like the old days. We shopped for cute jammies for our kids, like the new days. It was wonderful.

We explored a new (to us) park, and had a lot of Culver’s while we were there. (Let’s put it this way. I knew first hand what the flavor of the day was three days in a row.)

Maddie had a little bit of a rough/emotional time while we were there. It’s been a few months of changes and big events, so I think that’s what’s going on. Girl has a lot of feelings. I get it.

One of her very favorite parts of the trip was the ant farm at Como Zoo. Maddie loves ants. (She’s getting her very own ant farm for her birthday. Shh. Don’t tell her.)


Speaking of birthdays, we celebrated Zach’s in Minnesota!


Jill made a supremely awesome four layer chocolate cake and strawberry ice cream, and everything was fabulous. 

I’m so glad we had that time with our friends, and with our beautiful godson.

The flight back was much less peaceful than the flight there, but we’d all caught a cold, so Simon wasn’t feeling great. There was a lot of screaming. Even Paw Patrol couldn’t silence it. Once we got home, everyone relaxed.


We’re spending today recovering from these colds, unpacking (remember, we’d just moved into the house before our MN trip), and resting up. And there will probably be some Paw Patrol. There’s always some Paw Patrol.

Renee Beauregard Lute

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