Fairy door.

Zach and I are contributing very different things to our big move. He’s been spending nearly every evening at the house, painting, scraping ceilings, fixing things, etc. (He’ll guest blog about some of his improvements right here at some point.) 

I’ve been taking care of our children and packing up the apartment. And today I made a fairy door for Maddie and Simon’s room!

I love fairy doors. I thought about buying one, but decided it would be more fun to make. And cheaper. So much cheaper.

So I took the kids to Michael’s after school today.


I love Michael’s.




I also love tiny things, so I was pretty psyched to find these tiny mushrooms. And the tiny birdhouse. So cute!


Maddie loves it, and Simon hasn’t seen it yet (he’s napping with a Hot Wheels car in each fist). I’ll be sure to take a picture when the door is installed in their new room!


Renee Beauregard Lute

  • becky

    So adorable! There’s a good chance Im going to steal this idea.

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