Car wreck.


We had a terrible accident on Monday. I hope this will be the worst thing that happens to us, and the worst memory Maddie has, if it has to be a memory at all. 

I’ve heard stories about moms getting super-strength in awful adrenaline-filled moments, and I hope to God I never need to have another moment like that, but it was very much that way right after the crash. I couldn’t get out my door, so I flew through my mom’s door and around the car to get to Simon. (Mom was already out and unbuckling Maddie.) This very heavy wooden sign was in the way, so I lifted it and got Simon out, and we all waited for the police.

We’ve talked to Maddie about what happened, and her memory of it seems to be just: “Remember when we were in the car and it was like ka-BOOM ka-BOOM? And then there was a police car and then Mater came to fix our car?”

(My mom had pointed out that the tow truck was kind of like Mater.)

And we’re not sure yet whether the car can be fixed. This also happens to be the month we’re moving into our house, and traveling. I hope for a peaceful rest of the month, even with everything that is happening.

Renee Beauregard Lute

  • Phyllis LaMomtagne

    Thank God you are all okay! So sorry it had to happen at all.

  • JEN Garrett

    Yikes! Glad everyone was OK. That’s the kind of nightmare I never was to have come true.

    JEN Garrett

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