Lute children at the Seattle Children’s Museum.

Have you been to the Seattle Children’s Museum? Because it’s awesome.

We went to Seattle on Wednesday, because I needed to pick up Simon’s birth certificate for our upcoming trip to see our friends Luke and Jill (and their crazy adorable baby, our godson Grayson) in Minnesota. 

When I finished my very quick business at the vital statistics place (shoutout to the very efficient lady who helped me!) we went to the children’s museum at Seattle City Center.


It was awesome.





My favorite part was the reading room that looked like a castle. When we went in there, Maddie convinced some poor, unsuspecting dad to read to her. (He was like, “Well, I guess my wife can watch our kid…”)




The global village was also very cool. Simon was super interested in the sushi in the Japanese kitchen.


He played inside a giant tire, watched some fish for a very, very long time (shoutout to fish. If your tanks weren’t such a pain to clean, we would totally get some of you), and then we made bunny ears.




Simon wasn’t thrilled about the bunny ears.

In fact, Simon hasn’t been thrilled about any ears. He’s been rubbing his and pulling at them, and he woke up several times the night before last. Since he’s already had a couple of ear infections, we took him to the doctor yesterday.


The great news is: no ear infection! The not great news is: he’s getting a bunch of top molars at once. Poor guy.

After the doctor’s appointment, we went to Barnes and Noble, which is one of my favorite places. Maddie had an early free birthday cookie with her Memere. (Barnes and Noble sends a birthday ticket for a free cookie or cupcake around the time of your child’s birthday, if you sign up for it. Pretty awesome.) 



And now, today, we’re prepping for Easter. In awhile, we’ll meet up with Becky and her family for an Easter Bunny meet and greet at Gilman Village, then an undoubtedly delicious Easter Eve dinner and egg hunt at their house. (If you have the chance to make friends with people from Texas, you should do it. Their meals are wonderful and exotic. Well, exotic to people from Massachusetts, anyway.)

Happy Easter, friends.

Renee Beauregard Lute

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