Music Together.

It’s the end of another Music Together semester, and this one seems like more of an ending than the others. Maybe that’s because Maddie has expressed more interest in dance than in anything else lately, so she’ll be dancing and preschooling this fall. Simon likes music, but he’s quite the little mover – not very interested in sitting in my lap for extended periods of time. Maybe I’ll try to do a weekend music class with just him, or maybe we’ll explore a different art. I think we’ll all take the summer off from regularly scheduled activities (with the exception of swimming lessons), and he’ll give us a clearer idea of what he’d like to do after that. 

In any case, Music Together was a very cool thing for both of my kids, and I imagine we’ll find ourselves doing it again, but maybe not for a little while.



All sweet endings usually involve Disney in some capacity, so we went to the Disney Store afterward. Naturally. 

Maddie impressed everyone with her Doc McStuffins trivia skills.


While we were there, Zach called. It looks as though we’re on track to close on the house Monday, so… Hooray! 

I stayed up too late last night, revising and rewriting chapters of Winicker, and it was worth it. Thank goodness for coffee. (Specifically Starbucks’ flat white. It’s my favorite thing.)


Tomorrow we’re heading to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival with Memere! Gorgeous pictures to come. I’m going to spend tonight packing snacks and a medley of toys to entertain both kids on the way. I hope neither is bored, but Maddie loves flowers, so there isn’t much of a danger there. And Simon is fourteen months old, so he finds all kinds of things interesting. Like his toes. And he’s always got those babies on him, so I bet it’ll be a good day.

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