Sunday dinner: balsamic chicken and vegetables.

Zach wished for a little more chicken. (I cheaped out and went for the tenders, but should have used the whole breasts, because tenders shrink right up.) I wished I’d baked it at a slightly higher temp, because it took a bit longer than an hour. But two thumbs up all around, except for Maddie and Simon, who opted for cereal. (Sigh. I just don’t feel like arguing anymore. If bedtime is going to be a battle, I need to save my energy, and not waste it on dinner wars.) 

I found the recipe here:

I’ll definitely make it again.


It’s going to be a rainy few days in the Seattle area. (I am shocked. Are you shocked?) I’m hopeful that things will be sunny (or at least dry) on Wednesday at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Some fun things ahead with Memere despite the rain, like Music Together on Tuesday, followed by a trip to the Disney Store.

I called the Disney Store today to find out whether they had a particular Tsum Tsum set in stock. 

(We’re a little obsessed with Tsum Tsums over here.) 



They didn’t have the set we’re hoping to get for Maddie’s birthday, but they did answer the phone: “Over here at the Disney Store, we’ve been diagnosed with a case of magic-itis!” and that made my whole day.

Sweet dreams, blog readers. Sweet dreams, Lutes. 




Renee Beauregard Lute

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