Mom and I had a rare and wonderful date tonight. We saw Cinderella at Cinebarre in Issaquah, and it was really fabulous. The company, the wine, and the movie.


Helena Bonham-Carter was amazing (as usual). I think she was doing the fairy godmother as Johnny Depp doing the fairy godmother. It was great. And the dresses! And the prince! I’m a total fan. Kristoff is still my favorite, though, because people like what they like.



You see it too, right?

Anyway, such a good night. My mom is awesome, these Disney live action remakes are awesome (Beauty and the Beast is going to be wonderful. I can already tell), and early bedtimes are awesome. Zach got Maddie to sleep like her old sleep-lovin’ self tonight, so we’re all going to turn in early. 

For your enjoyment, here’s Simon in a box full of trains and safari vehicles. ‘Night! 


Renee Beauregard Lute

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