New routine.

Zach had a brilliant idea. Since the old bedtime routine has (sob) stopped working for Maddie, we’re trying a new one.

It seems that Maddie needs to talk more than she needs a story (or seven) at night. She needs to tell Zach about everything we did that day. She needs to tell him about tacos and Angelina Ballerina and dragons. She talks until she’s exhausted, and then she sleeps. Totally effective.

But as much as I loved having a drama-free evening yesterday, I missed curling up with Maddie and reading to her.

Zach thinks she’s going through something, and that this new routine will last just as long as this particular phase she’s in. 

I hope so. In the meantime, I’m glad (and lucky) she’s got a dad who steps up and who adapts to change. 

And oh! Remember how our Keurig died? Well, our Bunn arrived last night, and has been making cup after fabulous cup ever since. (Thank you, Mom!)

To new beginnings.

Renee Beauregard Lute

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