Short, lovely weekend.

I got so much done this weekend! So much, and so little. 

In other words, I procrastinated doing things that actually need to be done soon (like guest room laundry and editing chapters of Winicker) and did other things instead. Like organizing our photo albums and finishing Maddie’s own photo album. 

Hers was given as a gift from my friend Diane when Maddie was just six months old, and I’ve finally secured all of the baby pictures in there. Maddie was totally into looking through it.

And I kind of loved sorting through our albums. The pictures! The cute, cute pictures! 

My heart. I also managed to finish both kids’ 12 month frames today.

When I was finished, I ran out to QFC to do our grocery shopping, and remember how I told you that we were running an experiment to find out whether Amazon Fresh was more expensive than Safeway? Well, QFC beats them both. Especially if you’ve got a QFC loyalty card and pay attention to the coupons. (I saved $25 today with that card. It’s like gold. Gold!) 

Zach returned the white chocolate Cadbury mini eggs I bought him by accident at Target the other day. (A totally easy accident to make. Why do white chocolate Cadbury mini eggs even exist?! I was just operating under the assumption that they would not. Because ew.) So we all delighted in the correct eggs this afternoon.

Zach cleaned everything, which is so appreciated. (Thanks, Zach!) Even the stove’s drip pans. Those are my least favorite things to clean. 

We colored, we napped, we had a relaxing, awesome weekend. 

And the most awesome thing about it is that we’re two days from my mom arriving!

Renee Beauregard Lute

  • Becky

    I decided to leave a comment because I get super happy when I get comments on my blog so I assume its the same for everyone else. I love reading your mom blog! Also, I see that your coloring skills have improved.

    1. Renee Beauregard Lute

      Becky, you are just the best. Please leave your blog address here so folks can visit it (and so I can revisit it)!

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