Five on Friday: springtime children’s book edition.

I’m about to unleash upon you a delightful annotated springtime children’s book recommendation list. Are you ready for this? You’re going to want to run out and buy these children’s books now. Right now. Go!

1.) Bunnies on the Go: Getting from Place to Place by Rick Walton, illustrated by Paige Miglio
This book looked familiar to me when we checked it out at the library this week, and that’s because it was was brought to us by the crack team that gave us So Many Bunnies: a bedtime abc and counting book. We’ve been reading and loving So Many Bunnies for two years now, and if it’s possible, we love Bunnies on the Go even more. Why? Because these bunnies aren’t just lazing around their shoe house, as do the bunnies in So Many Bunnies. No, these bunnies are on the GO. The book rhymes, it’s a bit of a guessing game, and there is a different vehicle full of bunnies on every single page. The illustrations are delightful, the writing is excellent, and when the library pries this particular copy out of our stubborn, bunny-loving fingers, we’re going to purchase a copy of our very own.

2.) Rosie and Buttercup by Chieri Uegaki and Stephane Jorisch
Maddie keeps requesting this one. It’s lovely and a little weird, and it’s on the theme of disliking one’s sibling and giving him or her away. And then realizing how much that sibling would be missed, and bargaining to get him or her back. Actually, it’s a little strange that Maddie’s so into it. It occurs to me now that she may be plotting something.

3.) Duck and Goose series by Tad Hills
I can’t explain this one. I really like these books. They’re calm and cute and a little bit funny. Simon loves them, Maddie loves them, and Zach and I love them. Sometimes, after the kids are asleep, we curl up on the couch with a couple glasses of Cabernet and crack open a Duck and Goose book or two. 
Not really. But everyone around here does like them. We just regular like them. Not Cabernet-on-the-couch like them.
This list got weird really quick.

4.) Flip, Flap, Fly! by Phyllis Root, illustrated by David Walker
Um, this book is adorable. There are rhymes and baby animals, and great noises. Lots of squiggling and muck. So great. 

5.) My First Little House Books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, illustrated by Renee Graef
These are illustrated storybooks that come directly from the Little House books, and we are obsessed. Maddie has the intro to the books memorized. Except she pronounces Wisconsin “Con-sid,” and that’s kind of cute, so I haven’t corrected her yet. These books are all of the sweetest parts of Little House. (Don’t worry. That weird scene where they toss around a slaughtered pig’s bladder full of pee is not included. Has that scene haunted anyone else into their adulthood? Anyone? Or just me?)
Anyway, get yourselves some springtime children’s books. Yes, even you, family and friends in New England. Spring is on its way. I promise.
Renee Beauregard Lute

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