And not a banana was wasted that day.

The best part about Saturday mornings is that Zach lets me sleep in until I wake up naturally. I always feel like Princess Aurora on Saturday mornings, as though I’ve slept for a year and have no beef with anyone. Not even the crazy green fairy who tried to spindle-murder me.

The worst part of Saturday mornings is that I soon remember I’m an adult with actual responsibilities, and I need to shake off my slumbery glow and make some breakfast for the people who live with me.

Well, that’s where the bananas come in. I discovered this afternoon that I had a browning bunch hanging out on the counter. Browning bananas are a bummer to eat, but they’re crazy fabulous in baked goods. So I whipped up some banana muffins (no nuts this time; sorry, Zach) for tomorrow morning. A whole night in advance! Revolutionary.

Here’s the recipe I use pretty much every single time I make banana bread. It never fails. And before you point out that I made muffins and not bread, you’re right. I just used a muffin tin instead of a bread pan. I’m living on the edge, today.

Renee Beauregard Lute

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