Not all bad, not all good.

I have this awful habit where I call a day bad if a few bad things happened, and I call it good if ONLY good things have happened. I’ve got to knock that off.

So, with that in mind, we had a good experience at Music Together this morning. Both kids had a lot of fun. Ms. G. busted out the parachute, and that is always a major hit with Maddie and Simon.

We had a good experience at the library, where Maddie insisted on checking out several books about winter and snow. I thought about fighting it. I thought about telling her how much I was looking forward to checking out books about spring, but then I thought: “Renee, you are an adult. Let her get the winter books, and if you want to read Lily’s Victory Garden or Miss Rumphius, just do it, for Pete’s sake.”

Let’s talk about how much I love Miss Rumphius one of these days.

We had a bad experience at the train park. I wore Simon in the Ergo carrier and Maddie and I held hands and walked there from the apartment, so I didn’t have to deal with the stroller. I asked her to use the bathroom before we left. I told her we’d have to come home if there was an accident. Ten minutes after Becky and her kids arrived, there was an accident. A wretchedly stinky accident. So we went home, because a.) I’m trying to be consistent and b.) things were very stinky. Maddie screamed her head off the entire walk home. It was a bummer. (Heh heh. Bummer. Because there was also poop.) 

Potty training is quite a thing. Maddie is 100% potty trained… IF she is completely nude from the waist down. But put a pair of pants on her and it’s Poop City.

And you know what? No one enjoys Poop City. No one.

Well, maybe dung beetles do.

Now I’m hiding from my children for a few and scarfing a good (nay, delicious) Nature Valley blueberry oatmeal square. Ramona (the younger and fluffier of our two cats) also believes this to be a good moment.

So, it hasn’t been all bad. Or all good. Stinkier than hoped for, I will say.

Renee Beauregard Lute

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