Reluctantly springing forward.

Simon woke me up at 6:00. He had no trouble adjusting to the time change, unfortunately. So while I nursed him and felt sorry for my tired self this morning, I poked around on Pinterest, and found a recipe at Averie Cooks for a carrot apple bread that handled a couple of different perishables I’ve been meaning to use up. Once Simon detached, I got busy in the kitchen. Voila!

It tasted great, but was somewhat flatter than expected… But maybe it’s because I used canola oil instead of coconut oil, and baking soda that’s been in our cabinet since people were genuinely concerned about Sputnik. Whatevs. It was devoured by all four Lutes in a matter of minutes.

It was a do-over day, after the bread. The problem with do-over days is you never actually get to do them over. You just wish you could.

First, there was church. I dragged myself and the two smallest Lutes there, and just after the offertory, I got a call from the church nursery. Both kids were a mess. Simon had been trying to escape (and nearly succeeding: he’s learned how to manage doorknobs), and Maddie was slumped over in a little pile, sobbing because she wasn’t allowed to eat the snacks from the snack table until coffee hour after the service. Miss E. looked kind of sad and said, “I think they might be done for today.” I think Miss E. must have also been feeling pretty done for the day. My kids are the best, but they’re also kind of an energy drain. 

So we went home early, and I dropped the kids off with Zach so I could go grocery shopping. We’re running an experiment this month to see whether it’s more or less expensive to traditionally shop at Safeway than it is to use Amazon Fresh. So far, I’m more tired and irritable (as expected), AND spending more money (not as expected). At the end of the month, maybe we’ll return to my beloved Amazon Fresh after all. (They bring your stuff right to your door. You just order it online. How can you beat that?)

Zach made chili for dinner, and we all sat around the table and… Argued. It was one of those nights. Everyone was on everyone else’s case. Even Simon had a problem, and he doesn’t actually talk yet. He just growled and chuffed in his high chair, covered in sauce and cheese and indignance. I blame Daylight Savings for our apartmentful of bad attitudes. Suck it, Daylight Savings. 

It’s the only Sunday of the year that has me looking forward to Monday. C’mon, Monday. Surely you’ll bring nicer things.

Renee Beauregard Lute

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