Sick day.

On one of the loveliest days of 2015 (so far)

it would happen that one of us is sick. This time it’s Simon. Sweetest sick boy on the planet.

Said in a truly excellent Christopher Walken voice: He’s got a fever. And the only prescription is some tickles from his sister.

And maybe some of these puppies.

They’re strawberry banana baked oatmeal singles, and you can find the recipe right here at Emily Bites. I love her recipes, because a ton of them are foods shaped like cupcakes. And I will eat ANY food shaped like a cupcake.

Even sushi.

Anyway, no outdoor playing for us today, because of poor sick Simon. But after we eat a shameful number of these oatmeal singles, we’re going to pile into my bed and plow through our library books. Maybe we’ll even open a window. That way, the weather won’t be entirely wasted on us.

Renee Beauregard Lute

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